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Input data into the fields below and then press calculate button to calculate your estimated weaponspeed.

Source of calculator is Wyrd's spreadsheet


Weapon Swing Speed Calculator

R-Weapon Speed:
L-Weapon Speed:(0 for none)
Your quick:(250 soft cap)
Mastery of Arms:
Additional haste:

Quickness Modifier:
Haste Modifier:
Actual R-Weapon Swing Speed:(capped 1.5)
Actual L-Weapon Swing Speed:(for DW purposes)
Dual Wield Swing Speed:(capped 1.5)

Note: The Dual Wield Swing Speed shows the haste effect one gets when wielding weapons of different speeds. This effect will only take place when the dual wielder swings both weapons at the same time. The chance to do this:

Actual DW = 25+(DW skill * .68)+(dual ref. lvl * 3)

Dual Wield Chance Calculator

DW Skill:(include +items)
Dualist Reflexes:

DW Chance:(percent)