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Stealth decreases the range at which other characters can see you. This range is based on a comparison of your stealth skill and the opposing player's level, and it depends on the class of the hidden enemy as well as on the class of the player trying to find the stealther:

Detection of a stealthed player is also affected by the “stealth pulse.” The check to determine whether you see a stealthed player is a periodic thing that seems to happen every couple of seconds. So, a stealthed player could be within visible range for you, but still not be visible, for a short time (I have tested this myself using 2 systems side by side). Higher movement speeds make this effect even more pronounced. That is how an assassin can stick perforate artery on a moving target without beign seen; the target traverses their stealth detection range in less time than it takes the stealth check to cycle.


All characters have a base detection range of 125 and this is modified by 25 units for each level that the stealthed person's stealth is below searcher's level.

i.e. 125 + [(your level - stealth level of enemy {cannot be negative}]) * 25]

Thus level 50 player looking for a person with 40 stealth:

125 + [(50-40)*25] = 375,

A level 50 looking for a person with 1 stealth would be 125 + [(50-1) * 25] = 1350


Stealth Detection Range

- Stealth detection range is now hard capped at 1900 units. This change should fix the bug with stealth ghosts being seen on the battlefield. The 1900 unit hard cap should only come into play in the most extreme of circumstances where an assassin with several levels of Mastery of Stealth is detecting an enemy stealther whose stealth is in the single digits.



Detect Hidden

How does Detect Hidden work?

Detect Hidden is an ability that assassin classes get when they have 16 levels in stealth. It doubles the range at which you detect stealthed players. Once you have detect hidden, the formula above changes as described below.

What's the equation for finding my detection range?

Assassin detection formual looks like this for anyone not an assassin:

i.e. 250 + [(your level - stealth level of enemy{cannot be negative}]) * 50]

Thus level 50 assassin looking for a non-assassin (assassins would be same as the previous example) with 40 stealth:

250 + [(50-40)*50] = 750, mos adds to this range

For Assassins who have 16+ levels of stealth trying to spot a stealthed assassin, the formula is:
125 + (50*(Your lvl-enemy stealth lvl))

For Assassins who have 16+ levels of stealth trying to spot a stealthed Minstrel/Ranger/Scout/Hunter:
250 + (50*(Your lvl - enemy stealth lvl))

For non-assassins, and for assassins with fewer than 16 levels in stealth, trying to detect any stealther:
125 + (25*(Searcher's lvl - stealth skill))

That base 125 WU is about the length of the mid-sized horse (the ones that human-type characters get). So, even a level 50 assassin can be spotted by a level 1 character at around 1 horse length.

Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*(50 - modified stealth level)

So how would this work for an assassin?

Level 50 assassin hunting a 50 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*0 = 250

Level 50 assassin hunting a 40 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*10 = 750

Level 50 assassin hunting a 30 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*20 = 1250

Level 50 assassin hunting a 20 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*30 = 1750

Level 50 assassin hunting a 10 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*40 = 2250

And the maximum of the two is used. (90 difference)

Level 50 assassin hunting a 4 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*46 = 2550

Level 50 assassin hunting a 3 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*47 = 2600

Level 50 assassin hunting a 2 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*48 = 2650

Level 50 assassin hunting a 1 spec archer/minstrel,
Detect Hidden range = 250 + 50*49 = 2700


Effects of Mastery of Stealth on Stealth Detection

Mastery of Stealth MoS Passive Modifies stealth detection and stealth movement. Camouflage counters the Mastery of Stealth bonus, allowing an archer to only be seen at the normal range. Doesn't affect detect hidden classes when they are detecting other detect hidden classes. (Meaning it has no affect on assassins detecting assassins.) 5%/75 10%/175 15%/300 20%/450 25%/625


Note: Minstrels are the only stealth class WITHOUT access to mastery of stealth.

Mos3 provides a +300 detection bonus.

So, archer with 40 stealth vs level 50 archer with mos 3 would be:

125 + [(50-40)*25] = 375 + 300 = 675

Archer with 40 stealth vs level 50 Assassin with mos 3 would be:

250 + [(50-40)*50] = 750 + 300 = 1050

Now, I think it is safe to assume assassins will have 50 modified stealth. Thus a level 50 archer with modified 40 stealth facing an assassin with 50 modifies stealth would have a:

125 + 300 = 425 detection range vs the assassin 1050


Mastery of Stealth Lvl

Movement Speed Bonus
Stealth Detection Bonus



75 Units



175 Units



300 Units



450 Units



625 Units

III.c. Is there any benefit to having stealth over 50?

There is some small benefit. While there is no movement speed increase from exceeding 50 stealth, you will be better able to sneak around higher level (50+) monsters. This makes it easier to get to enemy areas in places like Darkness Falls or the new RvR dungeons in the frontiers.

Also, here’s a relevant Q&A from the 12-20-2002 Grab Bag:


Q: Last week you said that the assassin with a natural 50 in stealth and an assassin with a natural 38 and 12 in +stealth items would be equally hard to detect (although the natural 50 would have better safe fall). But what about if both of them have a natural 50 in stealth, but one of them has 10 in +stealth items? Does it do any good?

A: There is no hard cap on stealth – so the player with a total of 60 points in stealth will be harder to detect (both for PVE and RVR) than the one with 50. Please keep in mind that the difference between the detect rates at 50 and 51 would be so tiny that you’d have to be running developer tools in order to really notice it. At the 50+ level, you won’t see dramatic change.

How does stealth and firing work?


From Version 1.35 Release Notes

November 8, 2001

“Archer classes now have a chance of becoming visible when they nock their arrow. The way it worked up until now is that archers would always be invisible if they were using stealth until they fired their bow. Now, a skill check is performed when they "nock" their arrow. If they fail the check, they become visible. The chance to become visible is based on their specialization in Stealth. On normal (i.e. NOT critical shots), if they are 50% specc'ed in stealth, they will have a 50% chance of becoming visible; if they are 100% specc'ed, they will have a 100% chance of remaining hidden. On Critical Shots, the chance is the same as a normal shot, minus 20% - so an archer max specced in stealth will have an 80% of remaining hidden after nocking his bow. Please note that in all cases, an archer will become visible once the shot is actually fired.”

What causes or does not cause stealth to break?

Posted 1/24/02 9:00am

** Being stunned while stealthed does NOT break stealth.

** Being mezzed while stealthed does NOT break stealth.

** If not stealthed, and stunned or mezzed, you may NOT stealth until the 10 second combat timer has elapsed (assuming you are not hit once mez/stun lands) but once 10 seconds has elapsed stealth is possible.

** If affected by a DoT, each 'tick' of the DoT resets the 10 second timer, and it is not possible to stealth until DoT wears off. Was unable to test bleed damage, but I expect that the results would be the same (bleed is just a DoT with different messages).

** If stealthed and hit with a DoT, the DoT damage DOES break stealth. As anticipated.

** If stealthed and you evade a melee hit, the evade does NOT break stealth.

** If stealthed and you are missed in melee, the miss does NOT break stealth.

** Resisting a DD spell does NOT break stealth.

These test results obtained on Pendragon over the last 2 days, version 1.43/1.44. Standard test server disclaimer applies.



Stealth Abilities


Speccing in stealth for Minstrels, Infiltrators, Shadowblades and Nightshades will allow them to obtain special abilities. Here’s the list:

5 Distraction

8 Danger Sense

10 Safe Fall I

16 Detect Hidden

20 Safe Fall II

25 Climb Walls

30 Safe Fall III

40 Safe Fall IV

Skill Level 5 - Distractions - (Rogues and Thieves) In order to be able to hide better, thieves learn how to use "Distractions". You can greatly increase your hiding chances if you approach a monster from behind - and distractions give you the opportunity to do this. You can use distractions by targeting an area you want the monster to face. The higher you train in Stealth, the better your distracting will be.

Skill Level 8 - Danger Sense - Danger Sense lets you know when a scout monster has noticed your party. It is always on.


Q: What does Danger Sense do?

A: Detects Scout monsters. As in, you’ll get a message that says something like "You detect you are being watched" if a scout monster is giving you the evil eye.

Skill Level 10 - Safe Fall - Safe Fall lets you take less damage than you normally would from falling, and increases the distance at which you can fall and take no damage. Safe Fall gets upgraded at skill level 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Skill Level 16 - Detect Hidden - - Detect Hidden increases range at which you can see hidden enemy players.

Skill Level 25 - Climb - - Allows the thief to scale certain parts of fort and keep walls.