A General Guide to Dark Age of Camelot gameplay mechanics.

General Damage Calculation Mechanics
Melee Damage Calculator
Character Stats
Stealth Mechanics
Weaponspeed Calculator
Style Growth Rates By Realm
Weaponskill Calculator
Spell Damage Calculator
Uthgard Testing Results

This site is a small project that I am working for the Uthgard freeshard community. The purpose of this project is to act as a repository for in depth information in regard to the technical issues surrounding DAOC game play. Due to the complex nature of the DAOC live game over the years, and the lack of a central repository of data, I have had to spend a great deal of time researching on my own to find sources. I make no claims that these sources are infallable or that everything I put up here on the site is 100% accurate, however anything that I do put up will be (to my knowledge) based on the best information that I have found at the time. If you would like to contribute to gathering sources or perhaps like to add corrections to information here, please contact me on my handle Zippity, via the Uthgard forum at http://uthgard.the-bart.org