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A General Guide to Dark Age of Camelot gameplay mechanics.

Midgard Styles

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Midgard Style List
Style Line: Axe
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Splitter 0.05 HL-
4Cleave 0.85You parryM LMSlowed
6Plague 0.60 MM-MHTaunt
8Thrym's Strength 0.90CleaveM MM
10Pillager 0.40 L HMSlowed
12Hoarfrost 0.00 LMM Detaunt
15Evernight 0.60Behind targetM LMBleeding
18Plunderer 0.65PillagerM MMHindered
21Valkyrie's Shield 0.90You block MLM
25Raider 0.95You evade LHBleeding
29Havoc 0.75In front of targetLL-MH
34Midnight Sun 0.90Valkyrie's ShieldH MMStunned
39Glacial Movement 0.75To side of targetML-MMSlowed
44Arctic Rift 0.95EvernightM LH
50Tyr's Fury 0.90HavocH MHBleeding
Style Line: Bows
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteDraw TimeDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
3Critical Shot I ? 2x Increased Damage
6Critical Shot II ? 1.9x Increased Damage
9Critical Shot III ? 1.8x Increased Damage
12Critical Shot IV ? 1.7x Increased Damage
15Critical Shot V ? 1.6x Increased Damage
18Critical Shot VI ? 1.5x Increased Damage
21Critical Shot VII ? 1.4x Increased Damage
24Critical Shot VIII ? 1.3x Increased Damage
27Critical Shot IX ? 1.2x Increased Damage
30Penetrating Arrow I ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 50% damage
35Rapid Fire I ? Timer-based Release shot early; Damage % equal to Timer %
40Penetrating Arrow II ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 75% damage
45Rapid Fire II ? Timer-based Release shot early; Damage % equal to Timer %
50Penetrating Arrow III ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 100% damage
Style Line: Critical Strike
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Backstab spc'lStealthed, behind foeMM-MLStun 2s
4Eviscerate 0.65BackstabLL-MHSlowed 20s
6Kidney Rupture 0.70EviscerateLM-LHBleed 20s 4h/4s, 24 total
8Pincer 0.90Beside foeHH-MH
10Backstab II spc'lStealthed, behind foeHM-HHStun 3s
12Hamstring 1.15You evadeMMLHBleed 30s 5h/4s, 40 total
15Thigh Cut 1.10Backstab IIML-MH
18Garrote 0.75 MM-HHHindered 40% for 4s
21Perforate Artery spc'lStealthed, facing foeHM-MHBleed 40s 7h/4s, 77 total
25Achilles' Heel 1.05GarroteM MHSlowed 20s
29Leaper 1.35HamstringHLMHBleed 40s 7h/4s, 77 total
34Creeping Death 1.10Perforate ArteryH LHStun 7s
39Stunning Stab 1.25Creeping DeathHLLHBleed 40s 10h/4s, 110 total
44Rib Separation 1.35LeaperH LHHindered 100% for 20s
50Ripper 1.40Rib SeparationHLLHBleed 40s 11h/4s, 121 total
Style Line: Hammer
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Thor's Anvil 0.04 HL-
4Crushing Blow 0.88You parryM LMStunned
6Placate 0.00 MM Detaunt
8Slam 0.88Crushing BlowM MMBleeding
10Ruiner 0.41 L MH
12Frost Hammer 0.69To side of targetM MHHindered
15Provoke 0.58 MM-LLTaunt
18Demolish 0.66Frost HammerM MMStunned
21Revenge 0.88You blockML-LMSlowed
25Crumble 0.76RuinerM MH
29Conquer 0.74Behind target H-LHHindered
34Thor's Answer 0.88RevengeM MMStunned
39Lambast 0.88You parryMLLMBleeding
44Sledgehammer 0.94ConquerH MH
50Mjolnir's Fury 0.92LambastM MHSlowed
Style Line: Hand to Hand
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Kelgor's Bane 0.14 LL-Increased Parry
4Tribal Rage 1.18You parryL VLH
6Wild Call 0.89 M-MHTaunt
8Clan's Call 1.19Behind targetM LHStunned
10Tribal Assault 1.19Tribal RageLL-VLHHits 2 targets
12Kelgor's Might 0.49 H PBAOE Haste Debuff
15Taunting Call 0.00 HM Detaunt
18Clan's Might 1.46Clan's Call VLHHits 2 targets
21Totemic Fear 1.21You evadeH VLHHindered
25Totemic Wrath 1.46Totemic FearM VLHHits 3 targets
29Kelgor's Claw 0.69 M Increased evade
34Tribal Wrath 1.46Tribal AssaultHMVLHIncreased parry
39Kelgor's Fist 1.25To side of targetM LH
44Kelgor's Wrath 1.46Kelgor's FistH VLHStunned
50Totemic Sacrifice 1.46Totemic WrathH+ HHits 4 targets
Style Line: Left Axe
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Counter Slash 0.05 HL-
4Doubler 0.60Behind targetLL-MLBleeding
6Ravager 0.35 L ML
8Polar Light 0.90You parryHLLLSlowed
10Snowblind 0.60 LM-MLTaunt
12Atrophy 0.65RavagerL MLHindered
15Frost Shadow 0.95Polar LightMLML
18Comeback 0.90You evadeM LL
21Scathing Blade 1.00AtrophyMM-MMSlowed
25Decaying Rage 0.95AtrophyMHLLDetaunt
29Snowsquall 0.95Behind targetM MM
34Doublefrost 0.75 L HL
39Frosty Gaze 1.00ComebackM MLStunned
44Icy Brilliance 1.10SnowsquallH MMBleeding
50Aurora Borealis 1.25Target parriedH LHSlowed
Style Line: Shields
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
3Numb 0.05HHStun 2s
8Stun 0.90You BlockHHStun 3s
13Disable 0.65Beside TargetHHStun 4s
18Incapacitate 0.85You BlockMHHStun 5s
23Paralyze 0.70Behind TargetHHStun 6s
29Bash 0.85You BlockHMStun 7s
35Mangle 0.75Beside TargetHMStun 8s
42Slam 0.75HMStun 9s
50Brutalize 0.85You BlockMMStun 10s
Style Line: Spear
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Dazzling Spear 0.05 HL-
4Return Thrust 0.88You evadeM LMBleeding
6Engage 0.59 MM-MLTaunt
8Extend Reach 0.88Return ThrustL LMSlowed
10Lancer 0.41 ML-MM
12Dismissal 0.00 HM Detaunt
15Wounding Thrust 0.88EngageL MMHindered
18Stab 0.38LancerM L Bleeding
21Perforate 0.70To side of target M-MMSlowed
25Lunging Thrust 0.84LancerM MH
29Raze 0.70StabM MLBleeding
34Whirling Spear 0.68 LL-HM
39Razor Edge 0.81Behind targetML-MMStunned
44Odin's Wrath 0.93Razor EdgeHLLH
50Gungnir's Fury 0.85PerforateM MHBleeding
Style Line: Sword
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Whirling Blade 0.05 HL-
4Frost Cut 0.85You blockL LMBleeding
6Draw Out 0.60 HM-MLTaunt
8Northern Lights 0.60To side of targetL MMSlowed
10Assault 0.40 M MM
12Temper 0.00 MM Detaunt
15Aurora 0.90Northern LightsM MHHindered
18Baldur's Fury 0.65AssaultM HMHindered
21Reinforcement 0.85You parryML-LMBleeding
25Ice Storm 0.90You evadeM MH
29Rush 0.90Reinforcement M-LHSlowed
34Polar Rift 0.60 L HM
39Niord's Fury 0.90Frost CutM LHStunned
44Sif's Revenge 0.85Ice StormM MMBleeding
50Ragnarok 0.85Behind targetML-MMSlowed