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Albion Style list


Style Line: Bows
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteDraw TimeDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
3Critical Shot I ? 2x Increased Damage
6Critical Shot II ? 1.9x Increased Damage
9Critical Shot III ? 1.8x Increased Damage
12Critical Shot IV ? 1.7x Increased Damage
15Critical Shot V ? 1.6x Increased Damage
18Critical Shot VI ? 1.5x Increased Damage
21Critical Shot VII ? 1.4x Increased Damage
24Critical Shot VIII ? 1.3x Increased Damage
27Critical Shot IX ? 1.2x Increased Damage
30Penetrating Arrow I ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 50% damage
35Rapid Fire I ? Timer-based Release shot early; Damage % equal to Timer %
40Penetrating Arrow II ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 75% damage
45Rapid Fire II ? Timer-based Release shot early; Damage % equal to Timer %
50Penetrating Arrow III ? Chance to penetrate bladeturn for 100% damage
Style Line: Critical Strike
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Backstab spc'lStealthed, behind foeMM-ML-Stun 2s
4Eviscerate 0.65BackstabLL-MHSlowed 20s
6Kidney Rupture 0.70EviscerateLM-LHBleed 20s 4h/4s, 24 total
8Pincer 0.90Beside foeHH-MH
10Backstab II spc'lStealthed, behind foeHM-HHStun 3s
12Hamstring 1.15You evadeMMLHBleed 30s 5h/4s, 40 total
15Thigh Cut 1.10Backstab IIML-MH
18Garrote 0.75 MM-HHHindered 40% for 4s
21Perforate Artery spc'lStealthed, facing foeHM-MHBleed 40s 7h/4s, 77 total
25Achilles' Heel 1.05GarroteM MHSlowed 20s
29Leaper 1.35HamstringHLMHBleed 40s 7h/4s, 77 total
34Creeping Death 1.10Perforate ArteryH LHStun 7s
39Stunning Stab 1.25Creeping DeathHLLHBleed 40s 10h/4s, 110 total
44Rib Separation 1.35LeaperH LHHindered 100% for 20s
50Ripper 1.40Rib SeparationHLLHBleed 40s 11h/4s, 121 total
Style Line: Crush
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Daze 0.05HL-
4Back Crush 0.60Behind targetMLMStun 2s
6Maul 0.35HL-HH
8Bludgeon 0.60MM-LLTaunt
10Bruiser 0.65Back CrushMMMBleed 20s 3h/4s, 18 total
12Concussion 0.45You parryLMHSlowed 20s
15Contusions 0.65BludgeonMMMStun 6s
18Blackjack 0.65MaulMHMStun 2s
21Protector 0.00HMDetaunt
25Divine Hammer 0.70Behind targetMMM
29Skull Breaker 0.90You blockHL-LH
34Side Crush 0.75To side of targetMMMBleed 40s 8h/4s, 88 total
39Bone Crusher 0.85ConcussionMMLMRoot 23s
44Body Masher 0.85Skull BreakerMMMSlowed 20s
50Devastate 0.90Side CrushHM-HH
Style Line: Dual Wield
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Twin Spikes 0.05 ML-
4Twin Return 0.90You evadeMLLMBleed 20s 3h/4s, 18 total
6Shadow's Edge 0.65Behind foeM MH
8Inflame 0.60 M-MLTaunt
10Orbit 0.90Twin ReturnM MMHindered 100% for 12s
12Eclipse 0.90Shadow's EdgeM MHSlowed 20s
15Misty Gloom 0.45 L HM
18Obscure 0.00 HM Detaunt
21Penumbra 0.90Shadow's EdgeH MH
25Reflection 0.90You parryLLLM
29Flank 0.85Beside foe MMHHindered 100% for 12s
34Dark Tendrils 0.90Merc=parry, Inf=evadeM LMBleed 40s 15h/4s, 165 total
39Shadow's Rain 1.05FlankMLMHSlowed 20s
44Hypnotic Darkness 0.90ReflectionH MMStun 7s
50Dual Shadows 0.80Facing foeMM-MMBleed 40s 25h/4s, 275 total
Style Line: Flexible
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Blacksnake 0.05 ML-
4Kingsnake 0.85You parryMLLHBleeding
6Diamondback 0.55 M-MLTaunt
8Asp 0.85Behind targetM HMIncreased range
10Viper 0.90You blockMLLHStunned
12Copperhead 0.90ViperMMLHSlowed
15Tigersnake 0.90KingsnakeH LH
18Indigosnake 0.60To side of targetM MMReave Spirit
21Boomslang 0.00 H+M Detaunt
25Python 0.25 LLVHLReaver Curse
29Taipan 0.95CopperheadH LH
34Constrictor 1.15IndigosnakeH+ LHHindered
39Anaconda 1.10TigersnakeHLMHStunned
44Cobra 0.95TaipanH LHReave Soul
50Leviathian 0.80Behind targetM MMReaver Soulrend
Style Line: Polearm
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Impale 0.05 HL-
4Defender's Cross 0.60To side of targetM MMHindered
6Deflect 0.00 HM Detaunt
8Defender's Faith 0.35 LL-HMBleeding
10Executioner 0.90You parryL MHSlowed
12Distract 0.10 LM-MLTaunt
15Defender's Courage 0.65Defender's FaithM MMSlowed
18Crippling Blow 0.45 M MMHindered
21Disabler 0.70Defender's CrossM LMSlowed
25Phalanx 0.70Behind targetM MM
29Mangle 0.80Crippling Blow MH
34Defender's Rage 1.20Target uses a styleH LHBleeding
39Poleaxe 0.85Defender's RageH HH
44Defender's Revenge 0.90PhalanxH+ MMStunned
50Defender's Aegis 0.90PhalanxHLMHHindered
Style Line: Shields
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
3Numb 0.05HHStun 2s
8Stun 0.90You BlockHHStun 3s
13Disable 0.65Beside TargetHHStun 4s
18Incapacitate 0.85You BlockMHHStun 5s
23Paralyze 0.70Behind TargetHHStun 6s
29Bash 0.85You BlockHMStun 7s
35Mangle 0.75Beside TargetHMStun 8s
42Slam 0.75HMStun 9s
50Brutalize 0.85You BlockMMStun 10s
Style Line: Slash
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Ruby Slash 0.05HL-
4Cross Slash 0.60Beside foeMMLM
6Uppercut 0.35LMM
8Enrage 0.60M-MLTaunt
10Bloodletter 0.50Cross SlashHMMBleed 20s 3h/4s, 18 total
12Reflect 0.00MMDetaunt
15Opal Slash 0.45UppercutMMHBleed 25s 4h/4s, 28 total
18Riposte 0.90You blockMMLH
21Side Slicer 0.60Beside foeLMRoot 12s
25Cleave 0.90UppercutMLM
29Amethyst Slash 0.60HMM
34Befuddler 0.90RiposteMMMStun 5s
39Back Slash 0.85Behind foeHHH
44Sapphire Slash 0.90EnrageMH-LHBleed 40s 7h/4s, 77 total
50Diamond Slash 0.90Amethyst SlashHHH
Style Line: Staff
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Spinning Staff 0.05 LML-
4Figure Eight 0.90You evadeMLLH
6Friar's Ally 0.85Figure EightM MMStunned
8Defender's Fury 0.35 L MHSlowed
10Quick Strike 0.60Defender's Fury MM
12Friar's Redress 0.00 H+M Detaunt
15Double Strike 0.85Figure EightMLLMBleeding
18Friar's Friend 0.70To side of targetM HHHindered
21Counter Evade 0.90You evadeLMLHHindered
25Banish 0.95Friar's FriendMMLH
29Friar's Boon 0.70 M MHTaunt
34Holy Staff 0.60 L HM
39Friar's Fury 0.85Counter EvadeMLLMBleeding
44Stunning Wrath 0.85BanishHMMMStunned
50Excommunicate 0.90You parryMLMH
Style Line: Thrust
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Thistle 0.05HL-
4Ratfang 0.85You evadeMLLMStun 2s
6Puncture 0.30MHLBleed 20s 3h/4s, 18 total
8Sting 0.60MH-MLTaunt
10Wolftooth 0.90RatfangMMHHindered 100% for 12s
12Bloody Dance 0.65PunctureML-MHBleed 25s 4h/4s, 28 total
15Beartooth 0.90You blockHLMStun 6s
18Tranquillize 0.00MMDetaunt
21Lunge 0.70PunctureHMM
25Ricochet 0.85Foe blocksMLMBleed 30s 5h/4s, 40 total
29Pierce 0.75Behind foeHM-MHBleed 35s 6h/4s, 54 total
34Liontooth 0.85WolftoothMLLMBleed 40s 9h/4s, 99 total
39Basiliskfang 0.75To sideLLMMSlowed 20s
44Wyvernfang 0.85TranquillizeMLMHindered 100% for 27s
50Dragonfang 0.90You evadeHL-LMStun 5s
Style Line: Two Handed
LevelName GrowthPrerequisiteAttackDefenseFatigueDamageEffect
2Half Moon 0.05 HL-
4Double Back 0.60Behind targetM MMStunned
6Rile 0.60 LM-MLTaunt
8Pacify 0.00 HM Detaunt
10Two Fists 0.85Double BackM MMBleeding
12Bone Bruiser 0.40 L MMSlowed
15Onslaught 0.90To side of targetM MMHindered
18Fury 0.85You parryMH-LMBleeding
21Bone Splitter 0.70Bone BruiserL MMHindered
25Recenter 0.85FuryLHLM
29Bone Breaker 0.90Bone SplitterL MHBleeding
34Obfuscate 0.85FuryM MMSlowed
39Doubler 0.70Behind targetL HMTarget snared
44Two Moons 0.85OnslaughtH LMStunned
50Sun and Moon 0.95DoublerL MHTarget stunned