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Jedi Unlocking Proposal

Jedi is without a doubt one of the most iconic aspects of star wars, and a highly sought after commodity within the gameitself. Most people associate Jedi with being very powerful, and shrewd individuals. The question is, how should players have access to such power and what would be involved in this process? How attainable should these powers be? Should it be directed towards power gamers? Towards casual players? Should it be made as a known path? Or should be something random in the hopes of styming the tide of jedi hopefuls and to create true rarity/content immersion for the profession?

A few ideas I have heard involve linking the random "holocron splinters" or something to sort of a scavenger hunt/intuitive thinking deal

1. Player's only information is "You find random item in the field and get message saying "you found something most peculiar. While examining it you are rushed with strange sensations you have never experienced before. Perhaps there is someone or something out there in the galaxy that can tell you what this is."

2. The item "quest' either links to another item that helps to decipher more of the information in the splinters or helps construct a new one from them. This is not told to the player however, but a random force sensitive npc will spawn (looks just like a regular named npc btw, nothing special (example: Orto barali )

and may progress a player to the next step if they are located or progress a set number of players per day or something and then despawns until triggered again by something. Before the npc that the player discovered dissappears, they will say something like "You must go out in the world now and experience more the possibilities that it offers. When you have need of me again you shall know it. Search your feelings and think of me and you will find me. The npc may be spawned again when the player has done enough 'training' in the world. The training can be linked to any number of things such as finding all POI's (badges) link it to types and number of professions mastered to. Each 'FS npc' will have a different name and when you finish your 'training' you can use the /findmytrainer command and it will spawn the fs npc in a random location and you have to seek it out (it'll give you a wp to indicate you sensing him/her through the force. So in the example above if you found a npc named "orto barali" then that would be your fs npc..If someone found "yoda meboda" then that would be their's. The npc is unique for each person or group of persons. The training for a pc could also be linked to the types of quests done like, force sensitive quests or helping people out, or evendoing bad stuff. Basically this is suppose to involve things that a real jedi, force sensitive, or dark jedi would do. Lots of these thing are already in game. If you read the jedi power source book you see some stuff about the jedi being sent out in the world to learn 'practical' lessons This questing and stuff should probably be included to simulate players learning 'practical' lessons while not being involved in a grind fest so could or do, do some grinding (like mastering combat/craft profs ) to simulate practical combat/intuitive thinking skills, you also do quest series in game to have the 'social interactive' side of jedi (which was the practical use of their skills in public)

I think using all of the above would be way more effective at giving people 'content' for this than a simple 'master 32 profs' or 'do 22002 stupid quests' method Anyway after all that is said and done, the npc will begin you on your path to unlocking jedi/force sensitive skills by giving you his/her own series of quests to do if we want to be lazy we could just use the quest arch that a player pc followed after they finished with the villageso the npc would give you the "a jedi must learn blah blah" type quest to go do, then you come back and npc is like "oh, wonderful so you helped them out have you? Good"

Alternately...we could make up an npc for dark siders and neutral pcs to, for example, if the player does more 'evil intent quests' then they get flagged as spawning a 'evil fs npc' who will do their training and offer appropriate dialogue such as "ahh i see much darkness within you, young one" and subsequently when the player has finished the practical world experience thing, they will take the npc's quests which are dark in nature (naturally)

For a neutral player you could have npcs like members of the various FS organizations out there. (forgot the names off hand but there are a few) that arent necessarily jedi but they do have control/mastery over the force and they explore the force more in a religous spiritual sense than academically like the jedi did and so, questing done for them would be more of a religous/enlightenment experience than a 'thou shalt and thou shalt not' teachings of the dark jedi and jedi.

No matter which npc you get though you still get the same training. you just get a different perspective depending on your in game choices. Anyhow..when you finish their story arch's you get novice padawan or something and get sent off into the world to level up and do whatever, but whenever you need training you have to /findmytrainer and return back to your npc to train. So thats a proposed unlocking process...