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Master-Padawan proposals

yea its from the nge but its a start i guess.

If you've mastered the Jedi profession by reaching Combat Level 90 and you're wondering "What do I do now?" Community member Everitt_Cage has an answer! Check out this great guide that will help you take role-playing Jedi Master/Padawan apprenticeships in-game to a new level.

So, you've reached Combat Level 90 and mastered the Jedi profession. "What do I do now?" you ask? Now, you become a real Master.

Merely reaching CL 90 does not mean a player is a Jedi or Sith (R-P) "Master", it merely gives them the formal greeting of "Master Jedi", which was given to both Padawans (Anakin in EP II) and Knights (Obi-Wan in EP II). Once a Jedi reaches CL 90, all they have achieved is Knighthood. To become a Master they then must then take an Apprentice...

Part I: Taking an Apprentice

Jedi Apprenticeships

* A CL 90 Jedi will select a willing Jedi of a lesser CL to be his future Padawan.

* The future Master will instruct his future Padawan to travel to a force shrine to meditate and listen to the will of the Force (for an amount of time determined by the future Master).

* Afterwards, the future Master and Padawan will travel together to the ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple on Dantooine:

* Once there, the Master will instruct the Padawan to kneel and recite the Jedi code:

"There is no emotion, there is peace"
"There is no ignorance, there is knowledge"
"There is no passion, there is serenity"
"There is no chaos, there is harmony"
"There is no death, there is the Force"

* Now the Master will ask the Padawan if he is willing to dedicate their "life" to the will of the Force, the protection of others, and the guidance of his or her Master.

* If the Padawan agrees, the Master instructs their student to rise and declares him his Padawan.

* The final step is for the Master to put the following at the bottom of his bio: "Jedi Padawan: (padawan's name)", and for the Padawan to put the following at the bottom of his bio: "Jedi Master: (master's name)".

Sith Apprenticeships

* A CL 90 Sith (RP) will select a willing Sith (RP) of a lesser Combat Level to be his Apprentice.

* The future Master will instruct his future Apprentice to travel to a force shrine to meditate on his hatred and anger, and the power which only the dark side of the Force can bring him (for an amount of time determined by the future Master).

* The future Master and Apprentice will then travel together to the temple of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun on Yavin IV:

* Once there, the future Master will stand between the two black triangles (with the statue of Exar Kun over him) and order the Apprentice to kneel before him and recite the Sith code:

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion"
"Through passion, I gain strength"
"Through strength, I gain power"
"Through power, I gain victory"
"Through victory, my chains are broken"
"The Force shall free me"

* Now the future Master will ask the Apprentice if he is ready to dedicate their "life" to the pursuit of power, the domination of others and the orders of his or her Master.

* If the future Apprentice agrees, the future Master bestows upon them a Sith title, instructs them to rise and declares them as their Apprentice.

* The final step is for the Master to put the following at the bottom of their bio: "Sith Apprentice: (apprentice's name)", and for the Apprentice to put the following at the bottom of his or her bio: "Sith Master: (master's name)".

* A very nice alternative location for the Sith naming ceremony is the Shore of Remorse, found on Mustafar:

However, you will have to have the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion to travel to Mustafar. If you can't get to Mustafar, everyone can travel to the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin IV, for a naming ceremony.

Part II: Training your Apprentice

The Master: The Master's role in the system is to help their apprentice advance. This advancement comes in three main ways:

* Helping them gain experience points (XP) to increase their Combat Level.

* Helping them acquire the resources and components to construct a more powerful lightsaber as they become certified.

* Helping them find better robes when they are able to wear them.

The Student: The Padawan or Apprentice's role in the system is two-fold:

* A Padawan or Apprentice should be very respectful of their Master, who is helping them grow as a Jedi.

* A Padawan or Apprentice should try their best to meet any advancement goals their Master sets for them to achieve.

Advancement Goals: A Teacher would expectedly set goals for his student (which would vary for everyone, depending on their real life circumstances), though a Jedi Master would not belittle or demean his Padawan if they did not advance as quickly as the Master expects, instead showing patience and understanding. A Sith Master, however, would be far less forgiving of a slow learner.

Purpose: The main purpose of the Master/Apprentice System is for the mutual enjoyment and benefit of both the Master and the Apprentice. The Apprentice benefits from the system by having a more experienced player helping them whenever they need it. The Master benefits from the system in that only by successfully training a Padawan or Apprentice to Knighthood can they become a true Jedi or Sith Master.

Part III: "Graduation"

Jedi Graduations

* Once a Padawan has reached CL 90, the Master assigns 3 trials, which must completed alone to prove themselves a Jedi Knight (Below are explanations of the 3 types of trials with pictures that represent them, as well as a recommended example):

o Trial I - Keeping the Peace : "For a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic..."

Keeping the peace involves dealing with seedy characters or dangerous creatures that are a cause of harm to the innocent citizens of the galaxy:

Example: Krayt Dragons are some of the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy. Recent reports from Tatooine indicate that of late their population has increased sharply, and is proving a deadly threat to innocent moisture farmers and travelers of the desert world.

The Galactic Travel Organization has requested the help of the Jedi order, on behalf of their Tatooine branch, in thinning the sudden boom in the Krayt Dragon population. The Padawan must travel to the Krayt Dragon graveyard on Tatooine and kill 10 Krayt Dragons to help maintain the safety of the locals.

* Trial II - Expanding the Archives: As was seen in Attack of the Clones, a Jedi will try to find information on something in the Jedi archives from time to time and it will not be there. When this happens, the only way to solve that problem is to send someone to gather information about what is missing and why:

Example: The Jedi archives lack sufficient data regarding the area known as the Ryatt Trail on the planet of Kashyyyk. It is known that this trail spans an area ranging from the tree-top canopy all the way to the floor of the forest, but more detailed information requires an expedition team be sent to explore this area on foot.

The Padawan must travel to Kashyyyk and explore the trail from the entrance gate to the end on the forest floor so that the Jedi archives can be updated with more detailed information regarding the area.

Along the way, the Padawan should deal with any hostile creatures that might prove a danger to themselves or the locals (notably the Katarn).

o Trial III - Bringing Balance to the Force: On many different planets, there are beings who have discovered the Force or started using the Force in unnatural ways (the Dark side). What they are doing is causing an imbalance in the force which is left to the Jedi Order to correct:

Example: Home to a group of evil force wielding witches who call themselves the Nightsisters, the Nightsister stronghold has become one of the most powerful focal points of the dark side in the entire galaxy.

Until the Nightsisters are dealt with, the very existence of the light side of the force is threatened, prompting the Jedi order to mount an operation to destroy them. The Padawan must journey to the Nightsister stronghold and clear out the Nightsisters from their stronghold and its neighboring cave so that the force can be brought back to balance.

* After the Padawan has completed his trials, the final step is for the Master to change his bio from: "Jedi Padawan: (padawan's name)" to "Padawan trained: (padawan's name)", and the Padawan to change his bio from "Jedi Master: (master's name)" to "Former Jedi Master: (master's name)".

Sith Graduations

* Once the Apprentice has reached CL 90, the Master will give him 3 Tests of Power, which the Apprentice must complete alone, to determine if he is strong enough to be a Sith (Below are three recommended examples for the Tests of Power):

o Test I - Dragon Slayer: Making the Jundland Wastes all the more dangerous are immense reptiles stalking the craggy canyons in search of prey. These huge predators are known as Krayt dragons and their bone-chilling howl is enough to send even ferocious Sand People skittering for cover...but not a Sith.

o For his first test, the Apprentice must travel to the desert world of Tatooine and slay 15 Krayt Dragons.

Test II - Search and Destroy: "My Lord, it's impossible to locate the ship. It's out of our range." "Not for a Sith..."

For his second test, the Apprentice must travel to the Forrest world of Endor, and then find and defeat a Gorax giant.

Test III - Killing Spree: A Sith's true power is only achieved through testing the limits of their anger. To do this, a Sith must unleash their anger on all who stand in their way.

For the third test, the Apprentice must travel to the Jungle world of Yavin IV and kill the fearsome Acklay inside the Geonosian labs, killing all Geonosians and droids along the way.

* After the Apprentice has completed the 3 Tests of Power, the Master will instruct his Apprentice to follow him to the ancient Dark Jedi enclave (also on Yavin IV), for a final lesson:

After they have arrived, the Master and the Apprentice will make their way into the inner chamber:

The Master now informs the Apprentice that the time has come for him to prove himself a Sith Lord, and challenges him to a duel to the death.

* If the Apprentice defeats their Master, the Master becomes one with the Force (clones) and /tells his Apprentice that their training is complete. They are now a Sith.

* The final step is for the Master to change his bio from: "Sith Apprentice: (apprentice's name)" to "Apprentice trained: (apprentice's name)", and the Apprentice to change his bio from "Sith Master: (master's name)" to "Former Sith Master: (master's name)"

Have you "Graduated"?

If you are a Combat Level 90 Jedi or Sith, make sure you have done the 3 Jedi Trials or Tests of Power set forth by your Master before taking on a Padawan or Apprentice of your own!

Henceforth, when you look at the bios of your fellow Jedi, you will know that they have achieved a true level of distinction by carrying on the tradition of either the Jedi or the Sith.

Suggestions for Finding a Master or Apprentice of Your Own

By all means, please feel free to state your interest in acquiring a Master or Apprentice in your replies to this thread. With that being said, you'll probably have the best success by posting a thread on your galaxy's forums.

Unfortunately, however, that may not always work. Alternatively, you could try talking to other Jedi you see in game and asking them if they would like to be part of a Master/Apprentice role-playing system. If they would like to, you can use this guide to start things off.

Good luck to all who choose to participate in the Master / Apprentice system and May the Force be with you!


Several people have asked me questions about Jedi/Sith guilds, and how to incorporate the Master/Apprentice System in them. In response, I have created the following system. Keep in mind that I'm not telling you how to run your guild, this is just a suggestion on how to impliment the Master/Apprentice System into a guild for those that are interesed:



* Jedi Initiate
* Jedi Padawan
* Jedi Knight
* Jedi Sentinal
* Jedi Consular
* Jedi Guardian
* Jedi Master
* Jedi Council Member


* Sith Initiate
* Sith Apprentice
* Sith Lord
* Sith Enforcer
* Sith Templar
* Sith Oppressor
* Sith Master
* Sith Council Member



To join the guild you will need to submit an application to a member of the council. If the application is approved, then you will be invited to join the guild, and upon joining you will be granted the rank of Jedi Initiate.

After 1 month of membership in the guild, you will be eligable to become a Jedi Padawan. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to become a Padawan. The council will then assign you several trials you must complete. After doing so, you are granted the rank of Jedi Padawan. You will then be assigned to a Jedi Master, who will mentor you until you have reached CL 90. If you are already CL 90, you will still accompany the Master until you are eligable to become a Jedi Knight.

1 month after becomming a Padawan you will be eligable to become a Jedi Knight if you are CL 90(If not you must first reach CL 90). To do so, you must again approach the Council and announce your desire to become a Knight. The council will then assign you several trials you must complete. After doing so, you are granted the rank of Jedi Knight. From this point forward, your ranks are gained by training padawans of your own:

Jedi Sentinel - CL 90 Jedi who has trained (5) Jedi to Knighthood

Jedi Consular - CL 90 Jedi who has trained (10) Jedi to Knighthood

Jedi Guardian - CL 90 Jedi who has trained (15) Jedi to Knighthood

Jedi Master - CL 90 Jedi who has trained (20) Jedi to Knighthood

After becomming a Jedi Master, you will be eligable to become a member of the Jedi Council. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to join the Council. However, whether or not you become a member will be based on a guild-wide election.


To join the guild you will need to submit an application to a member of the council. If the application is approved, then you will be invited to join the guild, and upon joining you will be granted the rank of Sith Initiate.

After 1 month of membership in the guild, you will be eligable to become a Sith Apprentice. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to become an Apprentice. The council will then assign you several trials you must complete. After doing so, you are granted the rank of Sith Apprentice. You will then be assigned to a Sith Master, who will mentor you until you have reached CL 90. If you are already CL 90, you will still accompany the Master until you are eligable to become a Sith Lord.

1 month after becomming an Apprentice, you will be eligable to become a Sith Lord if you are CL 90(If not you must first reach CL 90). To do so, you must again approach the Council and announce your desire to become a Lord. The council will then assign you several trials you must complete. After doing so, you are granted the rank of Sith Lord. From this point forward, your ranks are gained by training apprentices of your own:

Sith Enforcer - CL 90 Sith who has trained (5) Sith to Lordship

Sith Templar - CL 90 Sith who has trained (10) Sith to Lordship

Sith Oppressor - CL 90 Sith who has trained (15) Sith to Lordship

Sith Master - CL 90 Sith who has trained (20) Sith to Lordship

After becomming a Sith Master, you will be eligable to become a member of the Sith Council. To do so, you must approach the Council and announce your desire to join the Council. However, whether or not you become a member will be determined by your combat skills.



* The council will be made up of 12 members.
* 6 members will be permanant, and 6 members will be elected every month.
* To be eligable to become an elected member of the council you must be a Jedi Master.
* Elected terms on the council will last 1 month, and then a new election will be held.
* A person cannot serve two consecutive terms on the council unless there are no other runners in the election to replace them.
* A list of all eligable Masters(who want to join the council) will be mailed to everyone in the guild, and everyone will be expected to mail their vote to one of the designated permanant council members.
* The Masters with the top 6 highest number of votes will win the election.


* The Sith council will be made up of 12 members.
* 6 members will be permanant, and 6 members will be determined every month by competitive dueling.
* To be eligable to become a member of the council, you must be a Sith Master.
* Sith Masters that want to join(or remain on) the council will have to duel amongst themselves for the 6 slots.
* The 6 permanant council members will determine the rules of how the dueling will work, and enforce them.
* The top 6 Masters in the tournament will win the 6 temporary seats on the council.
* Terms on the council will last 1 month, and then a new tournament will be held for the 6 temporary slots.


In both the Jedi and Sith Councils, there will be 6 permanant members. They do not have set terms, and their spots do not become availible again every month like the 6 temporary spots do. The reason for the permanant members is to impartialy govern the process of selecting the 6 temporary members. The 6 permanant members of the Jedi council will oversee the election and make sure that the votes are tallied correctly, and the 6 permanant members of the Sith council will oversee and judge the competition.

However, these permanant council members can be voted out of their postion by a majority vote from the other permanant council members, and replaced by one of the 6 temporary members(which one will also be determined by a majority vote from the 5 remaining permanant council members)

2nd Master Padawan Proposal

Always two there are. A master and an apprentice." Yoda

....except in SWG where Jedi are forced to play completely solo (odd for a MMOG designed for social activity) to avoid an extremely buggy and sensitive visibility system. Jedi who try to defend themselves against BHs with a mission further increase visibility and are perpetually on the BH terminals despite the outcome of dying to a BH or defeating the BH in the player bounty event and are eventually forced to logout of a game they pay a monthly subscription to play, as a group of BHs will eventually come to overpower the Jedi while the Jedi is NOT able to group for balanced defense.

There simply is no good means of RP in this design for the BH scenario, the FRS, or just PvE training and adventuring.

We've been tossing this idea around and many have posted different thoughts. I spent some time this weekend working on a collaborative concept (credit gong to all contributors in the forums here) that I'd like to see the following happen as a supplement to the FRS XP to encourage a mentor relationship between a Master and Apprentice (Knight and a Padawan) that is so prevelant in the films and stories. This is at the very heart of the Jedi lore !!

Updated Executive Summary:

- Allow the Master to assign trials for the Apprentice using a list available from an NPC in the Enclave with rewards linked to the success (special color crystal, pearl or damage crystal to further enhance the Apprentice's lightsaber, etc)

- Enable the workshop so that one or more Masters can orchestrate a series of Trials which may include PvP competition among the Padawans with rewards for the champion (similar to reward suggested above). This would help prepare them for PvP tactics.

- Essentially, put the "RP" capability into the game so that at least the player base can emulate the stories.

There should be a two-way radial menu between Padawans and Knights/Guardians that allows them to immediately choose each other into a linked Master/Apprentice relationship that is persistent until selected to be terminated by either party. If either chooses to drop the relationship, the other gets a gmail notifying of the change in this relationship and require it to take 23 hours to be completed. This relationship should also be shown in the Enclaves to any FRS of the same faction who view that FRS Knight/Guardian's information in the terminal. Upon a Padawan completing the Knight Trials, the relationship is instantly terminated as this new Knight is now capable of taking on their own Padawan from this point forward. Gmails should be sent to all ranked Knights/Guardians of the same FRS when a new Knight achieves this significant goal.

Guardians (upper FRS ranked) could take on a Padawan in a formal relationship, but should really be more focused on leading their side of the FRS and encourage the Knights to handle the direct mentoring and day to day training of younger Jedi. Guardians could possibly hold 'workshops' for FRS xp (like Yoda did in training the young ones in Episode II), to keep some hands on interest in the overal training process of the organization, but their prime goal is to coordinate and guide the FRS for thier side.

There should be quests that the council can select from an Enclave terminal that are complex and require a coordinated plan (including groups of Jedi) to complete. If Jedi remain in the GCW (uncertain how new FRS design may go), perhaps owners of faction bases can have an option in the base terminal to request protection resulting in a quest appearing in the Enclave quest terminal for the same faction Jedi to respond. The council should also be able to assign some of these quests to a Knight for the Knight and/or a Knight/Padawan team to accept and complete. Upon success of the quest, the council member gains FRS XP, the Knight gains FRS XP, and the Padawan gains Jedi XP.

Knights should focus on having a single Padawan in this one-to-one linked relationship to provide the knowledge and protection commonly found in this master/apprentice scenario, particularly because they are very capable of offering their own recent experience of training to Knight level and provide significant protection against the dangers that face low skilled Jedi. Knights should also interface and communicate often with the council and participate in the FRS activities under the guidance of the council. Knights should also be involved in directing training workshops for multiple padawans. Knights should gain the following benefits while in the 100m presence of their designated Apprentice (Padawan):

1. A percentage of the Padawan's earned Jedi XP converted to FRS XP for the Knight.

2. A slight increase to Force regen (+5 would be reasonable) to show the benefits provided from the Force to benefit a Knight willing to share their knowledge and offer protection to a young Padawan in training.

Padawans should focus on training. If they choose to accept a Knight/Guardian as a mentor, they should receive the following benefits (beyond being just a solo Padawan without a designated Master):

1. Gain access to the Enclaves only while grouped with their master and in 100m range, OR while grouped by another FRS ranked member in 100m range. The purpose of this access is to introduce the Padawan to the future benefits that exist for becoming a full time member of the FRS, as well as to provide a safe area for them to recover from visibility, and to attend focus workshops given by Knights and Guardians/Council Members.

2. Padawans should gain a slight increase to Force regeneration while in 100m radius of their designated Master, possibly a +5 to regen. This provides an incentive to encourage this relationship and the Padawan should show respect to the power of being in the presence of their Master. They should WANT to be near their Master, even more than wanting to wear their robes.

Workshops Concept:
These should be focused on specific training (lightsaber techniques, force power usage in PvE/PvP, healing techniques, etc) that would offer FRS xp to the Knight or Guardian leading the workshop and provide Jedi xp to the attendees. Perhaps Knights/Guardians could hold one workshop in a 23 hour period that requires them to demonstrate a certain number of skills inside the Enclaves using a "Workshop" terminal to initiate a workshop and to generate an NPC humanoid or animal (menu choices) in one of the Enclave chambers. Any Padawans grouped with the Knight/Guardian would get Jedi XP for each round of the workshop. The requirements could be like 20 rounds per workshop before FRS xp and Jedi xp are granted to the attendees. Leave the direction of training to the Knight/Guardian on whether he/she does all the work in the demonstration, or invites one or more of the Padawans to engage as well in a given round.

*variation* Outside the Enclaves: In the event it is too hard to design this feature in the Enclaves, or as an additional supplement to Enclave workshops, these could be conducted anywhere by a ranked Knight who obtains a workshop item (like a unique crystal obtained from the Enclaves no more than once every 23 hours) in the Knight's inventory with menu options on it. The only downside to having this in the open is there is increased risk the workshop will be interrupted, even abusively griefed by other players outside the workshop.

*** ASSUMPTION: Visibility would NOT be increased for Jedi working with Jedi in this design of master/apprentice and/or workshops. In fact, there should be ZERO visibility generated between Jedi anyway ***

OK, there is the framework of this concept to add player driven content, FRS XP, and some very appropriate mentor and effective hierarchical relationships back into a more Star Wars-y feeling Jedi experience. It also should help isolate us effectively from the non-Jedi population and reduce our daily impact on those who want to see less Jedi everywhere.

Gizmo's Jedi FRS and master/padawan relationships


To the players: This post has reached over one year of active existence and has never sunk into necropostivity. Thank you all for reading this post, contributing and supporting it in all that time. Without you, it could have never reached the dimensions and refinement it currently has. The same also goes for SWG itself. While it is sad to see that most of the things discussed here have not come to pass yet, the FRS is still offline and subject to be reworked, so there is hope the developers will finally get it right and listen to the community (I guess over 2000 mostly positive replies are any indication of what the community wants). Thanks again and keep it up! Let's ensure we will be heard by the developers to be able to help them improve Star Wars Galaxies and make it enjoyable for everybody as well as reach the unrealized potential it had since the very beginning!

To the devs: since you have announced you will be taking the FRS system offline with the Combat Upgrade and "will be making improvements to the system while it is offline", this is clearly the best time for you to implement the improvements for the FRS system as discussed in this post (and perhaps even tie the newly announced "Trials of Obi-Wan" in as a replacement for the old un-jedi-like Jedi Council Battle Trials to enter the new and improved FRS), so please read and study it thourouhly and do not bring back the FRS before you do not have a system in place that is similarly immersive and enjoyable for everybody as the one discussed in this post!

The following is a vision of a New and Improved Force Ranking System (FRS), that will make the now boring and unrewarding system fun, rewarding and thus desirable to participate in. It will also address concerns of non-Jedi players.

It is no secret that the FRS has not been enjoyable by any players, Jedi and non-Jedi alike - even frustrating for most. It is even on the verge of completely ruining the Player vs. Player and Galactic Civil War portion of Star Wars Galaxies (Update: it has even done so for many months!), especially for non-Jedi players, just like the Holocron Profession Grinding Madness of late 2003/first half of 2004 did with other parts of the game.
Even with the exclusion of FRS XP gain for killing non-Jedi and non-FRS ranked players with Publish 10, this problem still existed, as FRS Jedi were still perma-attackable by other overts and had to deal a preemptive strikes against all opposing faction overts they encountered or risked being attacked and killed by a group full of overts of the opposing faction.
With the abolishment of the TEF system in the GCW Revamp, this still has not changed, as FRS Jedi are still being forced to permanently be members of special forces of a GCW faction, which is the rough equivalent of previous perma-overt, as FRS Jedi are not allowed to request combatant or on leave status.
Another problem are the so-called "fight clubs" that have surfaced on different servers, where masses of Jedi agree to kill each other and their Master Bounty Hunter alternative characters that lay down prone and do not fight back at all for FRS experience and let them be revived afterwards by doctors to rapidly advance in rank and cheat the death counter. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way to reach a high FRS rank right now, which is why most of the Jedi in question resort to such tactics in the first place, effectively gating Jedi who do not do such things by filling up all ranks and making it impossible for Jedi who do not resort to such things to gain rank. To discourage these fight clubs from happening, there have to be other ways to gain sufficient FRS experience.
Many may not realize it yet, but it may have been the single greatest problem this game has been facing since August 2004. Simply put, it has to change, and that's what my vision is about.

Enough of the facts, here comes the grand vision of a New and Improved Force Ranking System (FRS):

1. Two seperate FRS Jedi factions, Light Jedi and Dark Jedi that are connected to neither the Galactic Empire nor the Rebel Alliance.
+ This will prevent Force Ranked Jedi from being forced to take part in the Galactic Civil War
+ It will be more in accord with the Star Wars Universe

2. Members of FRS Dark and Light Jedi factions are permanently attackable only by each other, except in static cities, where they cannot attack each other.
+ This will keep Light Jedi fighting Dark Jedi, like it was always supposed to be
+ It will keep pure FRS Jedi from preying on each other in static cities where it may annoy other players

3. Pure FRS Jedi faction members (that do not belong to a Galactic Civil War faction or are on leave from the GCW faction) are not attackable by non-Jedi Knight Rebels, Imperials or Civilians.
+ This will allow roleplayers and true Jedi to hide and blend in with the crowd, which is not possible with the current forced special forces status
+ It will prevent most non-Jedi from griefing Jedi

4. Pure FRS Jedi (that do not belong to a GCW faction or are on leave from the GCW faction) cannot attack combatants/special forces of Imperial or Rebel factions nor can they attack civilians (neutrals), unless they are opposing faction FRS Jedi.
+ This will stop the grief that members of special forces experience from constantly being mowed down by Jedi
+ It will reduce Jedi squads in cities looking for special forces members
+ It will keep Jedi from 'ruining PVP for other players', which still is a serious complaint by the non-Jedi community

5. FRS Jedi can still be attacked by Bounty Hunters with missions on them, just like non-FRS Jedi. The higher the Jedi's combat level, the higher level the mission and the higher the combat level required by the Bounty Hunter (it should be possible for a Bounty Hunter to get missions with a difference of around +-10 compared to their own combat level). All Bounty Hunters with a mission on the Jedi will give the Jedi a good amount of FRS XP, no matter if master or dabbler - but only the ones that truly have the mission on the very Jedi or his/her Padawan to prevent FRS farming of Bounty Hunters.
Once a Bounty Hunter attacks a Jedi, the two will be locked in an 'instanced duel' (See section 10. for more).
Also, Names of Bounties should be removed from the terminals to prevent griefing by targeting specific characters over and over as well as getting a mission on a friend and dupe credits with them.
(this and more ideas regarding bounties can be discussed in the 'Bounty Hunter Wars' thread I posted in the bounty hunter forums:
+ Only truly skilled, high-level Bounty Hunters will be able to hunt skilled, high-level Jedi
+ Jedi will have an incentive to fight the Bounty Hunters that have a mission on them instead of running from them

6. Pure FRS Jedi (as well as Jedi Knights, Guardians and Masters that do not participate in the GCW in general or are on leave from their GCW faction) will not loose Jedi XP, only FRS XP.
+ This will make it possible to surrender, grind and relearn Jedi skills down the road, once the Jedi is bored or otherwise unsatisfied with his/her current template

7. In case a Jedi desires and thus decides to join the combatants or special forces of a Galactic Civil War (GCW) faction like the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance, he or she will suffer massive Force Rank XP loss for each death while a combatant or member of the special forces. After a GCW related death, Jedi characters will be automatically sent on leave from their GCW faction for a certain amount of time and will not be able to cancel their on leave status to return to combatant or special forces status until that time is up. This forced on-leave time will take longer, the higher the Jedi's rank in the FRS is at the time of death. After the time is up, the Jedi may go to the factional recruiter to rejoin the combatants or special forces of their GCW faction and thus resume his or her GCW duties if desired.
+ This will allow Jedi to participate in the GCW if they are devoted to it and truly desire to be part of it
+ Due to the greater risk involved to choose a side in the GCW, only few Jedi will be doing this
+ Being forced to be on leave from the GCW faction will keep Jedi from re-entering the GCW for some time
+ Due to their rarity, Jedi that are involved in the GCW will be a pleasant and exciting sight

8. FRS Maintenance cost should be lowered and FRS XP gained for incapacitating a Jedi of the opposing side dramatically increased.
+ This would make it actually possible to gain ranks
+ There would only be a need to defeat a few of opposing Jedi a day, not dozens, even for higher ranks
+ It would reduce the need for fight clubs

9. The FRS Experience gained for fighting other side Jedi will be dependant on the respective Dark Jedi/Light Jedi population on the server. The fewer the number of FRS Jedi of the opposing enclave on the server, the more XP a Jedi gains for incapacitating a Jedi of the opposing FRS side, and the more FRS XP he looses for being incapacitated by the side with lesser population on that very server. There will also be a cap on how low the minimum FRS experience and how high the maximum FRS experience one can gain or loose per FRS encounter no matter what the population balance is in order to prevent fighting being useless on extremely one-sided servers.
Also, FRS rank maintenance cost will be dependant on the Light/Dark Jedi population on the server, where FRS maintenance cost would be lower the less FRS Jedi are on the server. When all seats are filled, FRS maintenance cost will be at full, with most seats vacant, there would be close to- or no FRS maintenance cost at all until the majority of ranks is filled.
+ This would keep the system organic and give people playing on less populated servers with less Jedi overall a more realistic chance to progress in the FRS.
+ It would potentially help to slowly but steadily fill up the FRS ranks on all servers

10. FRS Jedi will gain the ability to find opposing faction Jedi closest to their own FRS rank. This could be accomplished by having mission terminals similar to Bounty Hunter terminals that hold missions on an opposing side FRS Jedi of the same rank as your own. Once you take such a mission, you could could use the ability /forcefind, that will essentially work like a Bounty Hunter tracking droid to find the mission target. These terminals also should also be anonymous and not display the name of your target to prevent griefing and exploiting.
However, killing Jedi you have a mission on will not be the only option. When you find the Jedi you have the mission on, you can alternatively persuade him to "join your cause". If he or she drops out of their respective FRS faction while you have a mission on him/her, you will gain a massive amount of FRS XP. This would simulate bringing a fallen Jedi back to the right path. To ensure this won't be exploited, a Jedi that switches sides should have to redo the Jedi Council Battle trials (and join his new 'side' with rank 0 with the FRS XP reset afterwards).
The Jedi that are part of the 'mission' will be locked into an instanced duel when the mission holder initiates the attack, similar to what it is with Bounty hunter missions. Both duelists will receive a system message indicating that they are now locked in an instanced duel. As long as they are battling anywhere but in a static city or POI, they will be completely locked out of other combat with anybody else, including NPCs, mobs and other players of any kind (similar to the instanced duels known from Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy multiplayer). This state will be broken in the following cases: the distance between the two becomes too great (more than 500 meters, for example) they are not in combat for 5 minutes or more (enough time to 'persuade' one of them to join their cause in an RP fashion), enter a static city/POI or when one of them is defeated. When one of these events occurs, both get a system message that their instanced duel has been ended and they will be attackable by- and be able to attack the- same player characters/Mobs/NPCs like they would be outside an instance duel.
The only exception to this will be, that the Padawan of both (if present) may choose to join or aid their Masters/Guardians in that battle (see section 14. for more details on the the Master/Padawan relationship).
Additionally, Jedi will get the ability that will let them sense FRS Jedi in their general area (500-1000 meters, perhaps), similar to the ranger tracking skill, that will show every Jedi in their vicinity and their relative direction and distance from your location, as well as mark them as either dark or light.
Defeating an opposing side Jedi in an instanced duel will grant the victor a small FRS XP bonus and the looser a slightly smaller FRS XP loss than outside an instanced duel.
Defeating an opposing side FRS Jedi outside a static city will grant a substantial FRS XP bonus for the victor, compared to defeating one inside a static city (where the FRS XP gainshould be close to nothing to make it undesirable). Deafeating another FRS Jedi on Yavin IV (where the enclaves are located) will grant another substantial FRS XP bonus and Jedi who die at the hands of opposing side Jedi will loose substantially less FRS XP, to encourage Jedi to move to that planet and battle it out around the enclaves.
+ This will allow FRS Jedi to find each other
+ It will allow great interaction and roleplaying potential and grant persuasive Jedi good experience for persuading an opposing Jedi to leave their cause in roleplay
+ This will allow a way for one-on-one (resp. two-on-two if Padawans are present) Jedi duels without interference
+ Jedi vs. Jedi fighting will be encouraged to take place outside static cities as well as other public areas and thus decrease the visibility of Jedi everywhere
+ With an FRS XP bonus for fighting on Yavin IV, Jedi vs. Jedi battles will be encouraged to take place on that planed and thus around the enclaves
+ It will reduce the need and appeal of fight clubs

11. Very small amounts of FRS XP will also be gained by incapacitating other same-factioned Jedi in friendly training duels, with a fixed limit of maximum FRS XP that can be gained from duel training each day. This cap will increase with FRS rank.
+ This would make training duels fun and a challenge with a small reward
+ The maximum training FRS XP cap would prevent exploiting this

12. When any Jedi uses his/her lightsaber and/or his/her force powers in a regular /duel (not an instanced duel mentioned in sections 5. and 10. as these could be forced) with another player inside a static city, an imperial lambda-class shuttle will land and a squad off Stormtroopers as well as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Vader himself will emerge. Vader, who will be a combat level 1000+ NPC with an infinite HAM pool an thus undefeatable, will immediately force choke the Jedi involved (should ideally be a special area version of force choke with an area root involved) and insta-kill them (insta-killing has to be the case or some people would just try to assemble a "Vader hunting party" and use their force powers/sabers to lure Vader to them and try to kill him all day long, thus still showing in cities, which would be counterproductive) in a blink of an eye (avoid incap and such will not help here), while warning everybody else around not to commit heresy and treason against the Emperor. After the last heretic/traitor has been taken care of, Lord Vader and his guard will boeard the shuttle and depart.
There will be only one instance of Lord Vader in one static city at the same time. He will take care of all Jedi that use their sabers and force powers in /duels in that timeframe.
The Jedi that is killed by Lord Vader will loose a substantial amount of FRS as well as Jedi XP.
Any special forces/combatant rebel and other Jedi will also be able to attack Lord Vader. Once they attack him, he or she will also suffer the same fate as all Jedi dueling in static cities.
Jedi that are members of the special Forces of either the imperial or rebel Galactic Civil War faction and located in static cities will also be disposed of by Lord Vader.
The same may also be implemented with NPC inquisitors like Lord Hethrir.
+ This would prevent Jedi from showing off their Jedi skills while dueling in static cities
+ It would increase immersion greatly as Lord Vader would finally instill fear into the hearts of the people

13. There will be alternative, non-violent ways to gain limited FRS XP each day (for light Jedi at least) that should be at least enough to maintain rank, like meditating, missions from an NPC in the enclave that resemble puzzles and can be solved in both a violent or non-violent manner (negotiations at disputes, helping people in need or turning fallen Jedi to your side, similar to the Hero of Tatooine quest, for example as well as special versions of instanced dungeons similar to the Corvette for groups of Jedi down the road) and branch out to different quest depending on how you solved the previous one.
+ This will allow FRS Jedi to take a fun break from PVP to advance or keep their rank
+ It will allow servers with very low FRS Jedi population to gain FRS XP if they can't find a suitable opponent
+ This will reduce the need and appeal of fight clubs

14. Another and perhaps the most interesting and exciting way to gain FRS XP will be to train a Jedi Padawan.
A Jedi Knight or higher will get the ability to craft a Padawan braid. This braid will be traded to a Jedi Padawan. Using a modification of the interface currently used for marriage, the Jedi Padawan may now accept the braid to be assigned to the Jedi Knight as his or her Padawan. The Jedi Knight will now become the Padawan's guardian, and thus receive the Jedi Guardian Force Progression box and title.
Now the Padawan and Master/Guardian hunting and training together will allow them both to get full Jedi XP for the creatures they defeat together, just like the full XP you get for a space kill that you take down with your groupmates (this is to stop Padawans from preferring to go out to train on their own instead of tagging along with their Master/Guardian because the Master/Guardian is stealing the Padawan's Jedi XP or vice versa).
Also, the Master/Guardian will gain 1% of the Jedi XP the Padawan gains while hunting together as FRS XP. In addition, for every skill the Master/Guardian trains his Padawan in, he or she will get a substantial amount of FRS Experience and the Padawan should get a reward in the form of substantial Jedi Experience as well for learning a skill from his or her Master/Guardian instead of an NPC skill trainer (which should still be possible to prevent offline Masters/Guardians hindering the Padawan's advancement, but without the bonus from the training by the player-master as well as allowing them to train Jedi skills that the player Master/Guardian cannot teach) or another Jedi to encourage roleplaying interaction and thus make it easier to learn the next skill.
The Master/Guardian and his or her Padawan will be able to aid and defend each other against attacks from Bounty Hunters with a mission on one of them if they choose to do so (this will change the odds from the current 1 Jedi vs. 1-5 Bounty Hunters to 1-2 Jedi vs. 1-10 Bounty Hunters).
When the Master/Guardian and his Padawan take on a Jedi of the opposing side or a Bounty Hunter that is after one of them together, the Master will receive full FRS XP for defeating the opponent, just as if he defeated him alone.
The Master/Padawan relationship ends when the Padawan reaches Knight status on his own (and thus the Jedi Guardian earns the Force Progression box and title of Jedi Master), the Master/Guardian ends the relationship with a /releasepadawan command (Padawan does not have to be online for this to prevent that Padawans that do not play anymore to hinder the Master/Guardian's ability to take on another Padawan), the Padawan destroys his Padawan braid in the inventory or if the Padawan kills his or her Master/Guardian in a duel. The latter choice would also lead the Padawan into darkness.
After a Master/Padawan relationship ends, the Master/Guardian will not be able to take on another Padawan learner for a week and the Padawan will not be allowed to be chosen by a new Master/Guardian for the same period of time as well to prevent exploiting.
The Master and the Padawan do not cause each other's Jedi visibility to rise (in fact, it would be best if Jedi wouldn't be causing each other Jedi any visibility at all as there is no reason why Jedi would report each other to a common enemy - the Galactic Empire!). The Master and his/her Padawan will be able to defend each other against all attackers, including, but not limited to, same GCW factioned players like Bounty Hunters (if applicable).
Padawans will also be able to enter the enclave when in the company of (grouped with) their master or another FRS Jedi.
+ This will enforce the Master/Padawan relationship that is an essential part of Jedi in all Star Wars movies to date and thus greatly increas immersion
+ It will be great content and an encouragement to roleplay
+ It will encourage player interaction between Master and Padawan by making training by the player master the better choice as opposed to being trained by a boring NPC skill trainer
+ The ability to gain FRS XP by aiding and training your Padawan will again reduce the need for fight clubs as well as their appeal

15. Jedi will have the ability to keep and actually wear all styles of Jedi Robes that they have ever received in the FRS, even if they drop in rank or choose to drop out of the FRS System altogether. This could be achieved by switching the certification on all Robes to Jedi Knight or even Padawan. Also, Jedi will be allowed to wear any cloak and cloak (hood up) over their jedi robes.
+ This will make it desireable to reach every force rank at least once
+ It will give Jedi that have put effort in the FRS something to show for
+ The ability to wear cloaks over the robes will make Jedi look and feel more like Jedi in the Star Wars Universe, greatly increasing immersion

16. All visible modifiers from the robes will be moved to the Padawan box. Special hidden modifiers (there are none right now) will be moved to the appropriate Padawan and force rank boxes.
There will be a new robe added to each force progression box independent of the FRS. Also, there will be an option to change the color of each Jedi robe like it has been possible with composite armor for some times. The color palette will only include different tones of brown, sandcolor, shades of grey as well as black and white.
+ This will make Jedi robes all the same and thus negate all reasons to not implement section 14.
+ It will allow Jedi to wear other clothing without sacrificing anything to blend in with the crowd
+ It will give Jedi more variety and individuality with their robes

17. Force Progression boxes, like Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian and Jedi Master will be independent from the FRS (the latter has it's own rank boxes and titles anyway, see section 19. for more). Force Progression boxes of Jedi Guardian and Jedi Master will only be granted in conjunction to the Master/Padawan system (See section 14. for Details).
Jedi will keep their Knight, Guardian and Master boxes as well as titles, even if they drop in rank or exit the FRS.
+ This will be a permanent reward for people who have put time and effort into taking on a Padawan and finishing his/her training
+ It will encourage roleplay and even reward people for doing so
+ It is illogical to loose these boxes and titles at all

18. Force progression boxes will include modifiers for every force progression box. This will include modifiers for Innate Jedi Armor, General Melee Speed, General Ranged Speed, General Melee Accuracy, General Ranged Accuracy, Force Accuracy, Force Healing Speed (increases the healing speed, and thus the healing downtime in seconds), Force Enhancement Duration (increases the time in seconds of all time-limited force powers in the enhancer tree) as well as Force Efficiency (decreases Force Power cost on all moves and specials by a certain percentage). These modifiers will be added up.
Here is how this will look like:
- Jedi Initiate:
Innate Jedi Armor +20
- Jedi Padawan:
Innate Jedi Armor +5
Melee Defense +25
Ranged Defense +25
General Melee Speed +5
General Ranged Speed +5
General Melee Accuracy +5
General Ranged Accuracy +5
Force Accuracy +5
Force Healing Speed +1
Force Enhancement Duration +5
Force Efficiency +5
- Jedi Knight:
Innate Jedi Armor +5
Melee Defense +25
Ranged Defense +25
General Melee Speed +10
General Ranged Speed +10
General Melee Accuracy +10
General Ranged Accuracy +10
Force Accuracy +10
Force Healing Speed +1
Force Enhancement Duration +5
Force Efficiency +25
- Jedi Guardian:
Innate Jedi Armor +5
Melee Defense +25
Ranged Defense +25
General Melee Speed +5
General Ranged Speed +5
General Melee Accuracy +5
General Ranged Accuracy +5
Force Accuracy +5
Force Healing Speed +1
Force Enhancer Duration +5
Force Efficiency +10
- Jedi Master:
Innate Jedi Armor +5
Melee Defense +25
Ranged Defense +25
General Melee Speed +5
General Ranged Speed +5
General Melee Accuracy +5
General Ranged Accuracy +5
Force Accuracy +5
Force Healing Speed +1
Force Enhancer duration +5
Force Efficiency +10
+ This will make these boxes worth achieving
+ It will reward people that put effort in becoming a Knight, Guardian or Master by making them noticeably better than a Padawan, or the respective lower Jedi rank, just as it is supposed to be.
+ This will be a permanent reward for people who have put time and effort into taking on a Padawan and finishing his/her training
+ It will encourage roleplay and even reward people for doing so

19. Force Rank boxes will also have separate, smaller bonuses to various force disciplines. However, once a Jedi drops in Force rank, the box as well as the skill bonus in the box is also lost (just like it used to be in the old FRS). Dark Jedi will get more bonuses to destructive powers while light Jedi will get more bonuses to constructive powers.
+ This will make achieving and holding force ranks desirable

20. The Enclaves will still only be accessible by Jedi of the appropriate side as well as their player Padawans (see section 14.). Several things will be added to the Jedi Enclaves to make them more desirable to be in.
These will include top-notch crafting stations as well as healing droids that heal ones wounds and battle fatigue on request. There will be NPC Jedi masters in the enclave that will hand out quests and missions, as well as allow Jedi to buy things for FRS experience similar to faction recruiters (see section 21.), special FRS mission terminals with player missions on opposing side Jedi similar to bounty hunter terminals (see section 10. for details), an insurance terminal that will allow Jedi to insure their items as well as a starship terminal that will allow only authorized Jedi to land and take of directly in/from their enclave. There will also be a substantial experimentation and assembly bonus given for crafting Jedi components inside the enclaves as well as a crystal/pearl tuning bonus to vastly increase the chance of a perfect tune.
Once a Jedi clones in the enclave or at a force shrine, he or she will not suffer any extra wounds or battle fatigue whatsoever, just as if he/she cloned into a predesignated cloning facility. There will also be no item decay, provided the Jedi was insured.
+ It will make enclaves more desirable to be in and not empty ghost facilities like they were before and thus help shifting the Jedi population out of cities
+ This will have more Jedi interact with each other in a common meeting place and hopefully further roleplay
+ It will take the penalties from cloning into an enclave or force shrine away and thus make it more desirable to use them, keep Jedi from cloning in cities and being clonegriefed, thus keeping a lower profile
+ The starship terminal in the safe enclave will allow Jedi to land and fly away directly from their enclave and will thus keep Jedi that are loading at the starport from being ganked and also keep their profile lower

21. FRS Jedi will get other rewards that can be bought for FRS XP at a NPC Jedi Master in their respective enclave, like tradeable Jedi-specific furniture (Statues and holograms of famous Jedi, Holocrons with tales of Jedi that can actually be read and contain an interesting short story about Jedi each), housing (a 1-lot, no maintenance cost very small house placeable on all planets, even with a minimum of 1km from each other where you can't build now, looking somewhat like Yoda's hut), clothing (cloaks, hoods for the cloaks, rings, Jedi pendants that can actually be seen, all of which can be worn over the robes), Special crystals (like the ones that appeared on Testcenter in publish 9 testing that are color/damage crystal hybrids, or the ones people get as reward for completing the FRS quests and other named color crystals), perfect lightsaber resources for the highest generation lightsaber (they can only be used in conjunction with a lightsaber crafting tool and all their stats are 1000), new Lightsaber hilt styles and the likes.
+ Rewards are always a good thing to keep people playing, especially if they are actually useful
+ It will provide great perks for collectors, roleplayers and powergamers alike

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