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A General Guide to Dark Age of Camelot gameplay mechanics.

Weaponskill Defense Piercing

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Uthgard Testing Results

While not entirely conclusive, this test does give some indicator of the effects weaponskill can have on defenses.

Some of the positives to this test

1. Lists attacker's and defenders armor/weapon along with relevant stats (including af).
2. 1000 + hit sample sizes
3. Only uses default attacks, no styles.

Some negatives

1. Did not list quickness value of defender or attacker
2. Did not list whether the realm had relics or not.
3. Did not list specifically the realm rank of the defender nor if the 50 shield spec was either a composite spec or if it was natural spec.

DAoC Defense Piercing Test Results by Artemis

Attacker: buffed 393 str (331 in test3), 50+16 slash, weapon was ebony defiler MP 3.2 slasher repaired before every sample for 100% condition.

Defender: buffed 355str, 765 af, 325 dex, 1609 ws, 50 thrust, 50 shield, 1+7 parry, mob 2 (+5%), in epic chain armor (all armor pieces were repaired before each sample to have 100% condition.

RESULTS: 37% block rate with 51 weaponspec, 36.6% block rate with 66 weaponspec, 39.5% block rate with strength lowered by 62

Conclusion: Doing tests with less than 1000 with this margin of error is meaningless IMO. The only conclusion I can draw from these tests is that the difference in weaponspec is NEGLIGEABLE or INEXISTANT. Furthermore the effect of +62 Strength (or Str/Dex for dex based weapons) can be considered very small (~5%). So small that an avalonian, lurikeen or kobold tank can perform very similarly to a half-ogre, firbolg or troll with less than 5% difference in defense piercing. We do see a ~10% dmg increase with +62 strength in these tests, which seems to be the primary benefit of having higher strength.

Note: Evade (1st) and Parry (2nd) are checked before Blocking and can influence (albeit slightly) the blocking %. The defender was buffed with AF and spec AF throughout the tests.


Time Stamp
Source Location
Testing Summary
Test 1 Results
Nov 20 21:13:15 2004
Test 2 Results
Nov 20 19:29:32 2004
Test 3 Results
Nov 20 20:16:37 2004