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statz0r - the uncompromising daoc log parser
version 1.4

Please select your chat.log file from your camelot directory and click "upload" for your statistics.

Note: chat.log files that are too large will error out. That's on purpose...only have so much bandwidth and temp space on this thing.

File to upload:

Statistics for (output title):

Tables to display:
Defensive / Armor Statistics Damage Taken / Body Part / Mob
Damage Taken / Realm Enemy Offensive Statistics
Damage Done / Spell / Mob Damage Done / Weapon / Mob
Style Damage / Mob Realm Point Statistics
Healing Statistics Revenue Statistics

Have you tried lewtz0r?

To post the statistics on the boards, view the source of the statistics page, then select the whole thing, and cut & paste it into your message where ever you'd like them to show up in your message board post.

[Sept. 20th]  - PvP Melee and Ranged support is now live.  Magic is not supported for PvP yet.
                Realm Point statistics now implemented.
[August 14th] - DoT's, Damage Adds, and Damage shields are now inherently supported.  No need to click a button.
[August 13th] - Removed Critical shot because of new changes to it.  Will revisit shortly.
[August 6th]  - Added selectable output tables.
                Added optional title field.
                Added critical shot statistics - report bugs to Karnian on the boards.
[July 23rd]   - Added heal spread statistics.
                Added player miss rates per mob per weapon.
                Added fields to the Revenue section.
                Added an Experience table.
                Fixed a couple of bugs.
[June 15th]   - Added healing statistics.
                Added Max/Min damage statistics per weapon/spell.
                Added non damage causing spells to the spell chart.
                  Note: Buffs might add weird targets to the table.  Looking into that.
                Added the DOT support option after finding an unfixable bug with DOT spells (see above).
[June 14th]   - Added spell resist rates.
                Added support for DOT spells.
                Added fields to the Revenue section.
                Made it nice and pretty.
[June 13th]   - Added evades to defensive statistics.
                Added enemy evades and parries to offensive statistics.
                Added Per weapon statistics.
                Added average spell damage done per monster.
                Removed Kordos's rad armor piece from the mix.  Just didnt fit in.
[June 11th]   - Added Kordos's rad armor piece to the mix.

Coming soon:  Per session statistics.
              Detailed loot statistics.
              Spell/Archery interrupts.
              Per kill statistics (swings/hits/hits received).
              A solo option for advanced monster and loot statistics.

If you have any requests/comments/bug reports, PM: karnian or kordos on the boards.

written by Karnian and Kordos of Apotheosis - The Association