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Generated by Kodan's SWG Profession Calculator from using Authentic Dataset: 24-Oct-2004

  Master Brawler
Unarmed IV
Teras Kasi Fundamentals
One-Handed IV
Dance of Blades
Two-Handed IV
Fatal Finesse
Polearms IV
Overwhelming Assault
Unarmed III
Blinding Attack
One-Handed III
Blunt Edge Strikes
Two-Handed III
Polearms III
Power Strikes
Unarmed II
Stunning Attack
One-Handed II
Lethal Strikes
Two-Handed II
Strength & Precision
Polearms II
Form & Balance
Unarmed I
Street Fighting
One-Handed I
Sword Technique
Two-Handed I
Weighted Stances
Polearms I
Long Hafted Weaponry
  Novice Brawler  

Skill points remaining: 173

Experience Required

620 Apprenticeship
91000 Onehanded Weapons
91000 Polearm Weapons
91000 Twohanded Weapons
91000 Unarmed Combat

Skill Mods

Berserk +20
Intimidation +20
Melee Defense +7
One-handed Center Of Being Duration +18
One-handed Melee Center Of Being Efficacy +60
One-handed Melee Toughness +25
One-handed Weapon Accuracy +55
One-handed Weapon Speed +30
Polearm Accuracy +55
Polearm Center Of Being Duration +17
Polearm Center Of Being Efficacy +55
Polearm Speed +30
Polearm Toughness +13
Ranged Defense +5
Taunt +40
Two-handed Melee Accuracy +55
Two-handed melee Center of Being +18
Two-handed Melee Center Of Being Efficacy +60
Two-handed Melee Speed +30
Two-handed Melee Toughness +25
Unarmed Accuracy +55
Unarmed Center Of Being Duration +13
Unarmed Center Of Being Efficacy +55
Unarmed Damage +50
Unarmed Speed +30
Unarmed Toughness +25
Warcry +20


Berserk 1
Berserk 2
Center Of Being
Intimidate 1
Intimidate 2
One-Hand Body Hit 1
One-Hand Dizzy 1
One-Hand Hit 1
One-Hand Lunge 1
One-Hand Lunge 2
One-Hand Spin Attack 1
Polearm Hit 1
Polearm Leg Hit 1
Polearm Lunge 1
Polearm Lunge 2
Polearm Spin Attack 1
Polearm Stun 1
Two-Hand Head Hit 1
Two-Hand Hit 1
Two-Hand Lunge 1
Two-Hand Lunge 2
Two-Hand Spin Attack 1
Two-Hand Sweep 1
Unarmed Blind 1
Unarmed Hit 1
Unarmed Lunge 1
Unarmed Lunge 2
Unarmed Spin Attack 1
Unarmed Stun 1
Warcry 1
Warcry 2


Apprentice Heavy Swordsman
Apprentice Pikeman
Apprentice Swordsman
Master Brawler
Novice Brawler
Teras Kasi Student


Basic Lance Certification
Curved Sword Certification
Dagger Certification
Gaderiffi Baton Certification
Long Vibro Axe Certification
Metal Staff Certification
Rantok Sword Certification
Reinforced Combat Staff Certification
Ryyk Blade Certification
Sword Certification
Two-handed Axe Certification
Two-handed Cleaver Certification
Two-handed Curved Sword Certification
Vibro Axe Certification
Vibroblade Certification